How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost To Replace With Guide

What is battery? A battery that can running any device smoothly without electricity cannot be called a powerhouse, but it does act like a powerhouse, and once it starts to deteriorate, it can be difficult to repair. So what to do, how can the laptop battery be change ? How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost

A laptop has to be activated rightly. And it has to be handled only when the laptop battery works correctly

When the condition of the battery starts bad, and laptop repeatedly gives a message of battery charging, then show the only way to change the battery because there is no technician running every laptop, which can repair the battery and the battery Correcting it is not easy, it can be quite dangerous. So our advice is to buy new batteries instead of fixing bad batteries, How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Battery

Now the question arises that How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Battery and how much it should be and how to choose it, it is up to you whether you should buy a normal battery or a genuine battery.

Below are some points which can help in selecting the right battery.

  • Difference of original and normal battery
  • What is the life of a laptop battery?
  • How long should a laptop battery last on a single charge
  • How to determine the cost of a new laptop battery


Difference between original and normal battery and how much does a laptop battery cost

Original battery

How does it matter? Which brand we trust is a brand and the price of any brand’s original battery is doubled at the price of a normal battery, then it is a brand model and can use long batteries and even after display Start

The original battery that changes your brand according to you, it depends on you who you want to buy, and you know that some basic batteries can be purchased in less than $100 and in a few $150 Huh. She arrives

A simple thing is that the value of the original battery of your laptop can be up to $25- $200, and so we say that we know that it matters to those who have to travel more and more in life. They are away from charging facilities at all times, so they do not want to compromise their laptop batteries, it is connected to their work life.

Do not worry after taking a good battery, charging it, and it gives good power backup. And by which the laptop can work till the time and does not need to be charging again

Normal battery

Normal batteries are available at very cheap rates and are easily available in $15- $30 and their life is not more than 3 – 6 months, or even more than 10 months, and they start performing their own There is no guarantee or warranty and can be on the laptop.

There may be enough power inside that it can control the power voltage whenever we forget to unplug the charger while working, due to which the normal battery starts overloaded and the performance starts to spoil.

You can buy batteries for yourself. You can buy batteries in those markets from where they are in stores or outlets. The authorized store or the outlet of the battery can not charge more than the price rate, their similar price rate list is. Is provided by the company

What is the life of a laptop battery? (How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost)

How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost To Replace

A laptop battery does not last for many years, it lasts from 1 year to 2 years and after that it starts losing performance, charging after the battery of the laptop is completely depleted, it can be recharged 400 times, and After it finishes, the performance flame starts happening, which was giving power backup of 4 – 5 in battery starting and charging in 1 – 1. 8 hours and it is giving power backup of 3 – 4 hours.

How long can a laptop battery last on a single charge?

After fully charging a laptop battery, unplug it with a power plug, it has a running time of at least 1 hour to 6 hours, so it is not necessary to give a backup of 6 hours, it all depends on the battery how much it There is a mythology that we cannot do anything else to increase the running battery time. It is confirmed that the battery loses its power performance after a long period of time.

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How to determine the cost of a new laptop battery

determine the cost of a new laptop battery

The cost of a laptop battery depends on some point due to which there are hangings in the battery cost, which gives the cellar battery, it tells about the running time and life of the battery and all its technical terms are in the packaging of the battery. It is checked in some points which changes in prices such as its points, watts, voltage, mah, and cells. These are some points that determine its cost of value.

Note : To determine the cost of a new laptop battery, keep in mind that these different laptop brands have different rates for the company Apple, HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, all of them have different rates.

MAH (milliampere-hour)

MAH means its capacity of the battery. It depends on the battery, how much capacity it has and how much power it can store, and how long it can last.

Just as the battery will have mah its price will also be like 6000 mah one will be enough in time and if compared then 3500 mah it will run twice

and the price value of the battery of mah will be higher and the price value of less mah will be less.


What we know from watts is that it is checked with watts. How much power can a laptop battery take in one hour? How can we check all these? There are many devices for rating them, such as multimeters, which shows how much watt power Takes 1 watt of power for 1 hour. 1 watt of power is enough to tighten

Laptops whose batteries have a higher capacity have higher price values, and those with lower battery capacities have lower price values.


To lift a laptop battery, one can say it requires the limited power of a kick-start, it is called voltage, and it can be measured with a normal multimeter found in the market.

The market comes with a lot of different brand batteries which come with a voltage variable rating.

There is no problem with the performance of the laptop from the voltage rating and the market gives you different versions of the same battery and the waltz rating makes a difference on the price value.


What does the cell mean to the wall clock cell that we use at home or use the television remote? Are you right?

In this way, there are cells in the laptop battery also, it will be combined. You will have to check the size of your battery, in your online, you must have checked how many cells are there in the laptop battery. While their batteries are also of heavy capacity, their batteries are made of 9 cells.

You must be thinking how heavy the 9 cell battery will be and who can charge more than 4 cells and 6 cells 9cell batteries, you think it can be installed in our laptop or not.

So the answer is no, this is done inside the technical engineer Just like there are more parts of laptops which need more power, so how long a user can work and need power or all are built by keeping in mind.


What can we do if everything we told our manufacturer about laptop batteries goes bad? And how much does a laptop battery cost

It is quite a common thing that as soon as you go to the market, first ask about its rate and try to get it more cheap and give more priority to the cheap, it should not happen.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery The company that keeps the price of its laptop battery high, takes care of the quality of its product and improves it so that its customer does not have any problem with its product.

The price of the laptop does not work, so you should not buy cheap laptop battery, buy the battery from a company outlet or from a good shop.

Note: There are some such sellers in the market who tell the brands that they give cheaply, due to which you start having trouble with their product, definitely avoid such fraud sellers.