How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop (10 simple ways)

Is your laptop battery not working properly or your laptop charger is not working properly so that your laptop battery is not charging or your laptop battery would have been charged, but the battery is over quickly They do not last long, all of them have the same misery, How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop

We get many benefits from laptops such as sitting in our house anywhere, we can do our work whether it is inside the room or outside or in the balcony of the house.

Because laptop battery is good and will work properly then our laptop can also work and laptop battery is bad how to charge laptop battery without a laptop

We take our laptop everywhere whether it is office or coffee shop, or you can do your work by sitting in a park and your laptop’s battery does not work at that time or your laptop will be full a while back Charged and now he is showing the battery fully, how many problems can you have due to its battery.

This can cause your data to be lost or your laptop’s data may be completely corrupted. It can be a big problem, if you have the money to fix it, then you can fix it by spending a lot of money. You may have to take time inside it or you may have to change the battery of your laptop.

If your money is worth it, then you may be taking a little time from yourself and it can be a bit difficult, but by doing this, you can recharge your laptop battery and fix it without fixing it. Can

You can charge the battery of the laptop in quite a few ways, in some ways some stuff may be needed, and in some, you may have to work a little hard, so we have found some ways to find some of these manually and with other items.

How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop.

There are also some ways in which you can manually charge your laptop battery and separate it from the laptop.

  1. How to use an AC power adapter
  2. How to use a universal power adapter
  3. How to use USB-C for charging
  4. How to separately charge the battery externally
  5. How to keep the battery charging adapter while traveling
  6. How to use a portable charger
  7. How to use a power bank to charge the battery
  8. How to use solar energy to charge the battery
  9. There is an easy method for a new battery
  10. How to use another laptop to charge the battery

How to use an AC power adapter (How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop).


How to use a power adapter and how to charge your laptop battery with this AC power adapter in any way, this option is very easy, there is no huge rocket science inside it

First check that the laptop battery has a connector for AC power or if there is a hook, just connect the connector of your AC power adapter to your laptop battery’s connector income hook. Such feature comes in many laptops and

No one comes in. When there’s absolutely no one, there’s absolutely no need to be angry, simply do something. BUY your computer or someone who has such electronic parts to an AC adapter, then know everything how to use it.

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How to use a universal power adapter

Is your laptop battery defective or the battery is completely shut down? Now how do you fix your laptop battery? The way you get a little bit of technical and electrical is that you have to do it very carefully because inside it you have to work with electricity, there is no loss in it.

It is important to take care of some things such as which adapter is the one that supports your laptop or not because there are many universal power adapters in the market that support all laptops and some do not. So we have to get the same universal power adapter that can support our laptop, it becomes very easy to charge with the adapter

Now you have to check which laptop is suitable for your laptop because it is a Lenovo laptop, a laptop of Dell, it is a laptop of HP, such a laptop’s universal power adapter will be the same as any normal inside it. A power adapter can be used. Your laptop can be any of these, a normal power adapter can be used.

You must take the feedback of this product from the shop from which you want to buy the laptop’s universal power adapter, these adapters can work properly and there is no problem inside it.


How to use USB-C for charging

There are ways to try to do this earlier, but it was impossible, you must be thinking, what is the way that this is the way to charge with a USB but if you charge even more then how can you charge it? Is a manual way

The first way to do this is to charge the laptop battery with a USB, you have to separate the battery and charge it to charge the battery from your laptop.

This USB-C port comes in all the latest laptops as it is the latest feature, it was not available in the earlier laptops and such USB-C only with the latest, advanced level laptops and whose versions are also more Among them comes because its main job is to transfer data, it is more advanced than data transfer and normal laptop if other laptop transfers in MB, then it transfers in GB and the other work is its charging.

Now it can use a USB-C port to charge the laptop battery when it does two things in spite of being a USB-C port. Its USB port has a USB connector as well as a second connector inside it which is called a MICRO connector. It is said that you do not need to do anything more, you have this famous USB-C port by connecting all your devices, you may connect your device, but you may need a connector but this card is easily available at every computer shop.

If your laptop does not have this USB-C port, then its USB-C port card is easily found, then you can use it by taking it


How to separately charge the battery externally

separately charge the battery externally

There is a way to charge the battery of your laptop, you may need a little money inside it because you have to take a separate external charger for your laptop which can easily charge the battery of the laptop.

The laptop company also manufactures such a separate charger that they give through their website and they also have a very big list which they give their website as if your laptop is there, you can select it and order it And in addition to this, they give it in the market, where there is a computer shop, you can BUY it.

When buying an external charger, one thing must be kept in mind that what is the model of your laptop, according to the model number of the laptop or the earlier charger, according to the charger port, the charger is easily found in this computer shop. Meets and is a very affordable rate


How to keep the battery charging adapter while traveling

Have you thought that when you are traveling somewhere or wherever you are going, when your laptop’s battery gets depleted, what will you do? These things can be a little troublesome thing.

So while you are traveling, you can work on your laptop, you can also keep it with you as one of your friends.

The name of this friend is the travel power adapter, it is such an adapter, you can take it with you wherever you go, you can use this power adapter to charge the battery of your laptop while traveling. You can do this anywhere in the plane, just keep in mind that the power adapter that matches your laptop or whether the idol is compatible with your laptop or not

This power adapter charger is also one of the USB-C port chargers, and you also need to check once how much it works and how long you can do it.


How to find the right portable charger

Like we told you, there is a travel charger, just like it is a portable charger, which makes it easy to solve the problem of charging the laptop, wherever you go, you take your laptop with you and when you work on your laptop at that time The best portable charger to remove the battery of your laptop, select this charger which should be lighter and lighter to carry and which works easily and if you are going with your laptop with anyone. We can select a portable charge in such a way that the laptop can be charged, you will get it easily at the best rate online.


How to use the power bank to charge the battery

There are many ways to charge a laptop battery, all of them prove to be right, this is also one of them, which is called a power bank, as there is a power bank for mobile, in the same way, there is a power bank to charge the laptop but the laptop’s battery To charge your laptop it is necessary to have a USB-C port. Having a USB-C port will solve the problem of charging your laptop’s battery with the power bank and it starts charging your laptop battery very quickly.

Earlier laptops did not have this USB-C port so earlier laptops could not be charged with a power bank.


How to use solar energy to charge the battery

Have you heard about how you can charge a laptop power bank and any other way or charge it with some natural power, yes all this can be done with a solar energy

Yes, all this is true. One can easily charge his laptop with solar energy. When this method went to the owners of the laptop until it came to know about this method too late, but this method became very popular. There are such sources, which are used for themselves by taking natural, there is no natural quantity, it is full

With this, you can buy a solar energy kit to charge your laptop’s battery. This solar energy kit is designed so that your laptop can be changed easily. This solar battery kit is a motherboard of solar panels which can also be called solar panels. That takes natural energy and converts through its solar energy panel or motherboard to create a powerful energy that makes charging the laptop much easier

Now there is a lot of improvement in the solar energy kit as well, such as its capacity and more power efficiency, and with this design look, it has been designed in such a That it’s made to be readily and readily carried anywhere. It has another important feature, it can connect more laptops to a laptop.

There is an easy method for a new battery

If you are having a problem while charging your laptop battery or the battery is dead. If the problem is happening, then you should hire a technician without taking time to see if it can be technically done but MOSTLY the battery repair is low and Dead is more expensive if you are using laptop less often, then take the time, then the chances of getting a battery dead are better than this. It is better to take a battery. It is easy to get MATCH from your laptop model NO. It will be easily found and we will not give you the option to repair the laptop battery at home as it can be dangerous and you can be harmed Best option for a new laptop battery cost to replace.


How to use another laptop to charge the battery

This method is easy but it can be a little difficult and a little time-consuming.

Because we are talking about it easily because how can you charge your battery? To charge your laptop battery, you will need a laptop of the same model as your laptop model. Can do

If you are traveling or traveling, then this method may not work, but according to us, you should do this, you should keep an AC POWER adapter with you so that you can easily charge it by connecting the laptop battery And you should stop another battery so that when it is working, you can put the other battery on the charge and when it is finished, you can charge it again.

Difficult because we said that to fix the battery of a laptop you may need a little technician experience because it is difficult and dangerous because the cell batteries are removed inside the laptop battery cover

To check it, first of all, there is a metal plate on which you have to UNSOLDERING, then to check it, check it with a voltmeter, if the point is above 3.5, then the battery is bad and the battery is bad. To do this further, we recommend that you should not do this at your home, if it is done by a technician, it can be dangerous for you.



All the methods inside it are very easy and very simple and there are all ways to charge them manually or separately from the laptop so that your laptop can charge.

And along with this, we would give you the advice that the last method wherein you can uninstall the laptop battery and check the cell battery inside it and charge it.

But we do not advise to do this and do not augment it. Our advice is that you shouldn’t do this specific method.