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How To Charge Phone In Car With Cigarette Lighter (3Type Of Charging)

So, your smartphone is probably dead, but you desperately want the navigation system to know where you need to travel. Which type of charging do you use?

Thus, the car is an excellent location to load up on some extra energy. You can charge your mobile in many ways such as USB Port, Cigarette Lighter etc. The question is how to charge phone in car with cigarette lighter

When you have to select between many charging options for your phone, you will want simplicity and quality. I can understand what you get to know from me and who will work right for you!

What Are The Multiple Ways Of How To Charge Phone In Car With Cigarette Lighter? 

There are multiple options available to charge your phone in the car. So, what are the options, and what should you be aware of to maintain your device in good working order?

There are one or more methods to charge your mobile based on the year it was manufactured, the model, and the choices available in your vehicle. The most common options are mentioned below:

  • Charging Phone via Cigarette Lighter
  • Charging Phone via a USB Port
  • Phone Charge via Wireless Charging

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  • Charging Phone via Cigarette Lighter

The cigarette lighters serve another purpose, which was intended to power an electronic cigarette lighter. Electric gadgets, such as some handheld devices, are now regulated by the source of energy. You may use the port to recharge a variety of devices, including phones, pads, and tablets.

So, let’s talk about it in detail!

Thus, charging is a pleasure if you purchase a car charger with a USB cable that you can insert into the cigarette lighter. To recharge your mobile quickly, you will need a presence of at least 2 amps.

The cigarette lighter can do this without issue, but it’s something to keep in mind when purchasing a car charger. So, keep an eye on the labelling.

  • Charging Phone via a USB Port 

A charging cord that is consistent with your mobile is needed for this procedure. You can connect your smartphone by plugging it into your machine or finding other USB ports that will suffice.

A vehicle can also have one or maybe more built-in Power outlets, which you can use to charge your devices.

Follow the below steps to charge your phone:

  • The USB side of the charging cable should be plugged into a USB socket.
  • This is the second part of the cable, i.e. the second end to connect to your mobile.

Many studies have shown that the existing available power from these ports is insufficient to rapidly charge your mobile. It is because some dense apps consume a lot of power.

For example, if you are using your phone as a navigation system, there is a fair risk that this power-hungry app will drain your phone’s battery. In this way, the USB port’s power source won’t be able to keep up.

  • Phone Charge via Wireless Charging 

How to use cigarette lighter in car

It may sound like wonder when the first time you will put your smartphone on a wireless charger. But for your kind information, it’s a 130-year-old innovation.

Wireless charging eliminates the need to connect and disconnect a cable any time you want to recharge your cell. When its usage becomes normal, it looked a message whose portion is slowed.

Wireless charging isn’t commonly used in most applications because of the limitations on a phone, where it might be for a spare battery. Wireless charging consumes more electricity than traditional charging. It results in a small increase in electricity bills.

Since it is also least effective, as more energy is wasted in the presence of power, it can cause your batteries to wear out faster.

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How can I use cigarette lighter to charge my mobile in my car?  how to charge phone in car with USB charger

The battery is a way to power a portable device that is usually to give a device like a music player, smartphone and camera. Normally, you would recharge these products with a USB cable or a wall adapter attached to your phone.

But if you are on the road and don’t have access to a computer, you will have to find other ways to charge your external drives. Luckily, you can recharge your USB-capable gadgets in your automobile with the appropriate accessories.

Following is the simple method how to charge phone in car with cigarette lighter:

  1. To power a mobile device with a cigarette lighter, you’ll need an adapter and a charging cable first.
  2. The adapter must be inserted into the cigarette lighter slot as the first move.
  3. After that, you must add the charging cable to it.
  4. In most situations, the car must be running in time for the charging to begin.
  5. At the final step, your phone will start charging. Enjoy!

Things to keep in mind: –

  • The lighter socket must be functional in the car’s electronics.
  • The charge level must be held minimal enough to avoid blowing the lighter socket trigger.

Does the cigarette lighter drain the battery? How to use cigarette lighter in car

Yes, it can draw battery voltage if the cigarette lighter port in your car remains active even when the car is turned off.

When the engine is turned off, most cars turn off the lighter outlet, so it doesn’t affect what is connected to it when the vehicle is turned off.


This article is totally about the factor of There is some option for how to charge phone in car with cigarette lighter. Also, you can take advantage of every chance to recharge your mobile battery.

Thus, charging a phone with a cigarette lighter is not that much scary as you think. And after reading this article in this article, you all have come to know.

I am sure you are fascinated with my piece of information. Do share your feedback for further improvement!

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