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How To Clean Electric Kettle With Baking Soda (Step-By-Step)

Electric kettles are the exclusive pick for making tea and easy to pour in the cup due to their heat-resistant handle. But if you want to enjoy the good taste of your cup of tea, then the cleaning of the kettle is essential. How to Clean Electric Kettle with Baking Soda

There are several ways to scrap the stains and marks inside the kettle. The research I’ve done for this article will help you learn how to clean an electric kettle with baking soda? I will provide you with several ways to clean kettles for enjoying the strong fragrance and taste of tea.

Let’s scroll to know more about the cleaning of the electric kettles.

How to Clean Electric Kettle with Baking Soda

It is irritating for many of us to clean the crockery. But when it comes to making tea, you step forward and plugin an electrical kettle. Sometimes you may feel the bad taste of the tea, this bad luck is just due to inaccurate cleaning of the kettle.

So, let us move to the steps to keep your kettle clean for better tastes.

  1. For simple cleaning, you have to fill the kettle with water to the edges.
  1. Now let the water boil for a while 15-20 minutes and some vinegar or lemon in the water.
  1. In the end, let the water cool for 10-15 minutes and then scrub it with a scrubber to scrap the residues of the tea.
  2. Now the rinse the kettle with normal water and let it dry.

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Baking Soda as a Cleaning Agent (How to Clean Electric Kettle with Baking Soda)

Not only inside cleaning but also the gleaming outlook is essential for ensuring the cleanliness of the crockery. This process will clean the inside stains of tea and water, but also remove the marks present outside the electric kettle.

How to clean an electric kettle with baking soda, let’s scroll down to know the process.

  • There is no rocket science to clean this electrical machine with care. On the very first, you will pour water in the kettle up to the mark.
  • Now, let the water boil for 20 minutes and add one spoon of baking soda to it.
  • After boiling this solution, let it cool down and then scarp the scales that arise in the bottom and walls of the kettle.
  • After scrubbing, rush the water out of the kettle and rinse it with clean water and leave it for a few minutes to dry and then store it.

Now, your kettle is ready for boiling water for your cup of tea or coffee with no marks on its inner surface. So the taste of your customized cup of tea will be flavorful.

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How to clean electric kettle with vinegar and baking soda (Cleaning of Electric Kettle with Lemon instead of Baking Soda)

If you are short of vinegar or baking soda, then there is no need to worry about cleaning your electric kettle. You can clean this electrical piece of crockery using some lemons because lemon has a powerful impact to clean stains from the steel utensils easily. How to clean electric kettle with vinegar and baking soda

Not only for inner use, but also it gives a shiny look to the outer surface of the kettle. So, if you want a shiny surface of your crockery and don’t have baking soda, then you should avail yourself the opportunity to use this easy technique.

Let us see how a Lemon can be used for cleaning as a cleaning worker.

  • Cut some lemons and squeeze these pieces into the kettle and drop these pieces in the kettle too.
  • Now pour water in your electrical kettle in that the slices of lemon move upward and reach the edges of the kettle.
  • Now close the lid and let the water boil for 20 minutes and then off the heat.
  • After a few minutes, empty the kettle from the filled hot water and scrub softly.
  • Now, wash it thoroughly with normal water and get rid of scraps and stains present inside and outside the kettle.

Your kettle will not have a bad smell of any drink, so you can use it for the next time like you have bought a new one.


While using these sophisticated electric tools, you must have to take care of some things. For preventing the corrosion attack and the filling of foul smell inside the kettle can damage your electrical kettle.

That’s why you should use baking soda to clean the marks of boiling and the irritating smell. One should take a look at some precautions so that there is no harm while cleaning and using the electric kettle.

  1. Never leave the kettles with some liquid inside them. Likewise, if you boil water in this electrical kettle and used your desired quantity, but the leftover water is not wasted. Then this leftover water will interact with the rust.

This rusty surface will decrease the age of the kettle and may cause some health hazards for the next time.

  1. When you have to clean these electrical gadgets, then don’t drop them in water like other utensils. Water can destruct the machinery of the kettle to run with the electric supply.
  2. Inside cleaning of the kettle is necessary for good taste and scraping the scaling after making tea or boiling water. Outside cleaning is also essential for enhancing the sleek look of the kettle.

So, while washing your electrical kettles, you must take care of these precautionary measures do you want to use your electric kettle for a long time?

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Above, I have discussed how to clean electric kettle with baking soda? I hope you would get help from this article to clean your kettles inside out to give a sleek look to your kettles.

Mostly we use these electrical kettles to boil water or many other purposes, so, this brief description will help you out to clean the stains of boiling easily.

If you liked the article written by our research and got some benefit from it, then definitely comment below. Thank you!

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