How To Download Line 6 Custom Tones

Do you know what line 6 custom tones are and how to download line 6 custom tones?

Line 6 is a brand that makes a device for music and is a Helix device that belongs to Line 6 and this helix and pod sat together create a tone for music.

To create custom tones, a guitar and helix are created and if you want to create a custom tone, pod xt is required. Pod xt is designed to work together with line 6. Can connect Bose is ready to connect to PA systems

Helix software is also needed to create a tone, click on the link given below to download Helix.

How to download line 6 custom tones

you have been given a link below, click on it

After the page is open, you will have a box show of all products in gray color.

Select your product

The page will open for the custom tone of your product.The page will have tone names, bond series and download shows.To download the customs tone, first you have to sign up. To sign up, you have to fill some details.

First name 

Last name 

Email id


Country selection

Then you have to mark the check box, after that you click on green color box line 6 account, then verify the email, then download the custom tone you want.

You can download the custom tone for your device. To download the tone, a popup will appear on the window screen and select save it and download save After downloading, open the line 6 edit that your software downloaded to launch it.

After opening, the application will see all the tone on the right side, to import the tone, the window option will appear in the header bar in the application.

After clicking on the option of the window, the editor application will open, click on the option of the file in the left-side header bar and click on open, you will have a popup open in front of you, select the tone file that has been downloaded and click on open

You click on the option of window and click on line 6 option, you will come back to the application of line 6.

Click on the sub-folder on the left side and you will see the file you have imported.

Note: – If there is any problem in downloading the custom tone, then you have to send mail to their webmaster contact address mail id @