How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works

Is your audio headphone device not working properly, or is there a side part of it that is not working, there are some tips on how to fix it and How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works how to get it ready to work again.

You love listening to video and audio music from your audio device and you use a side audio device and listen to the music in a room closed to hear the noise in your ear. There may be a problem with your ear that can make your ear work or damage your hearing.

By the way, the easiest way is to buy a new headset but an expensive headset is not ready to leave it and you believe that it does not mean that its hardware is not right, no brand does not look good and the hardware is not right. It is natural to come

This problem can come in any audio device, even if it is an earbud.Such earbuds can also be there and it can be frustrating to your ear. Such an audio device is working a part in the earbuds.

For this, we have come out with some ways that wireless earbuds will work properly, and the way we have found out is one by one way that the wireless earbud will work again and can enjoy your music again.

We have done some research on how a headset can work again and the headset can be repaired and then brought back, and so that the headset audio device that was not working will start working. Below this, there are tips that you can do to try the device, there may be some improvement and your headset can be found again.

Not only the device that is being given, it can only be used on headphones, whatever it is and audio devices such as headphones, wireless headphones, earbuds, wire headphones, this applies to all these points to fix a device. Is


How to fix device connectivity problems Wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds (How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works)

First of all, we have come up with a small way that it can be done easily without any hard work, so we have checked a point before going into depth, once the internal setting problem is checked it It can be, it can be easily fixed. Here is the way to fix the connectivity problem in the device wireless bluetooth headphones and earbuds

Bluetooth audio is a problem inside headphones and earbud devices. First of all, it should be reboted and checked and if one side of it is not working, there is no other way to reboot it and check the settings inside it. The headset’s mono settings also need to be checked. If this is not true then this problem can occur.

To fix this problem, first check whether the media setting of the device is correct or not. If this is correct, before checking the headset, disconnect the headset from the media device and then connect it to another media device. If you are still having problems after that, then there is a solution, for this, the methods available are given below.

Connectivity does not reduce one side of the device, so if this is a problem, then we have found some solutions for this which will help in fixing your headphones and earbud.


Whether it is a headset or earbud, both the devices are wireless and with Bluetooth connectivity technology, for both these are 8 easy solutions that you can easily do how to fix bluetooth headphones when only one side works

  1. Check both sides of the headphone equally
  2. Set the headset’s mono settings and stero settings
  3. Power the headset on and off
  4. Reconnect the headset’s bluetooth
  5. Plug the sound cable while listening to songs
  6. Withdraw the audio cable while listening to songs
  7. Reset wireless headphones and earbud
  8. Fix problem in headphone jack


Check both sides of the headphone equally

There are ways to check both sides of the headphone equally.

Connect the headphone to your mobile and start the music and listen to which side the music is coming right and which side is working and then connect it to your pc and laptop and check that both sides are equal in its settings

Set the headset’s mono setting or stero setting

Check which one side is playing, whether the track playing inside it is set to mono or not, if it is set to mono, then remove it from mono pay and then both sides of your headphones will get equal sound.

Note: Mono is set in the setting, it listens to only one side of Heppon and people do not know that it is a setting like Mono.

Power the headset on and off

Try turning your headset on and off again.

Reconnect the headset’s bluetooth

Try reconnecting your wireless Bluetooth headphone and playing a music inside it to see if it is coming on both sides or not.

Plug the sound cable while listening to songs

You can use a sound cable to play songs in the headphone. Plug the sound cable so that the music is heard.

Withdraw the audio cable while listening to songs

You can use the sound cable to play songs in the headphone. Plug the sound cable so that the music is playing and withdraw the sound cable.

Note: A wireless headphone also sometimes comes with an audio jack and can plug a sound cable such as a cable to the headphone’s pin slot by plugging in a headphone that has an audio jack to eliminate some of the problem. is

Reset wireless headphones and earbud

Some headphones and earbud have this option, you can reset the device so that the device starts doing it again correctly and to reset it, check the manual of the Bluetooth wireless device if the manual is missing if the device is of a good brand. If he has a customer care service, then he can talk to the customer care

Fix problem in headphone jack

You carry your audio device with you everywhere such as bedrooms, markets, and even where there is a lot of dirtiness that leads to dust and dirt inside the pads of his audio device, while listening to the songs. One side only works

Clean your audio device and your pc or mobile so that the dirt inside it is slowly and carefully cleaned with a toothbrush to remove the dust inside it and then listen to the music.

How to fix one side of a wire headphone

The problem that occurs with a wireless headphone can be the same with a wired headphone, but the problem that may be most common in a wired headphone is its hardware such as pulling the headphone wire and loosening the wire joint in the headphone’s post. Getting and Headphone Divider Damage is such a problem.

Before repairing any headphones, some considerations need to be taken, such as whether or not these headphones are in warranty and whether you have experience with them or not.

The first thing to do is to check its warranty, if it is in warranty then it should take advantage of the warranty service and repairing it is right.

If it is not in warranty then you can think to repair it

We have given below the problem that can occur in its hardware and which we have tried to understand you with our best efforts.

Audio jack malfunction or connection breakdown

Headphone wire shortening

Music post havoc or connection broken


Audio jack malfunction or connection breakdown

Audio jack malfunction is not a new thing when you are now being heard and listening to music as soon as your destination arrives, you are ready to leave soon and pull your audio jack from your mobile device. The jack which is covered with plastic and disconnects and keeps the headphone wires untouched, which is attached to the wire jack.

This is one of the reasons that the wire from the jack gets damaged very quickly and due to which the wires near the jack move around in their plastic, they come to the stage of breakage so that the headphone works only a part. Points from which wire headphones can be kept safe

How to fix audio jack wire damage

  1. Cut the pin which is covered with plastic with a knife and remove the plastic near the audio jacks pin.
  2. Check the wire that is broken and remove the broken wire
  3. Remove the soldering plastic covering on the audio jack
  4. Separate the headphone according to the color code and cover it before soldering. It is strong in soldering.
  5. Solder the audio jack headphones according to the color code first to the red and then to the green then to the gold color and the last wire to the blue.
  6. Cover the air insulation with an audio jack and heat a circle with a matchstick or a cigarette lighter so that it sticks.

Note: Do not take the fire too close to fire. Can not catch fire near the insulation; Damage to the insulation jack can be reached.

Headphone wire shortening

When the headphone wire is cut short, it appears that the headphone wire is placed in the wrong way or it is wrapped in the wrong way so that the rubber that is on the wire starts to choke and the wire starts to get loose, which will make the wire smaller. There are some points given for this, which has fixed them

How to fix or enlarge the wire that is falling short

  1. First of all connect the audio device to a music device, inside which a music file is a video file and start it
  2. Bend the headphone wire at some distance from the jack and check that the wire is damaged and remove the damage wire.
  3. Now in the remaining part of the wire, peel the pvc rubber slightly on top of both the parts.
  4. Now separate all the color wires inside the wire, such as copper wire and white wire, and separate all the color wires.
  5. Remove the insulation from all the wires that have been separated and keep the copper wire from the bend.
  6. Now, to connect the color wire with your color wire, keep turning the wire, make sure that no wire is touched by each other.
  7. Wrap whatever wire color matches it with a pvc tape or heat it lightly with pvc insulation attachment so that it will stick.
  8. Wrap all wires with pvc tape

Note: We have added the first wire inside it. You can also expand where the wire is jointed, join another wire or use audio aux cable mail and female cable. (Music post havoc or connection broken)

How to fix music earbud malfunction or connection breakdown 

Due to the pull of the wire, only with the jack or connector close, the connection inside the speaker is also there. There are some points that can fix this


How to fix headphone speaker wire connection

1.A screwdriver is required to open the headphone case, which is the minus sign.Which will open the case cover of the headphone, if not your screwdriver, then every house has a nail clipper.

Note: There is also a flat type tool inside which the nail cutter speaks, which can open the case cover.

2.Headphone case cover may not be pulled, the speaker wire is broken, for this, thread the wire inside and pull the case cover upwards, it can be a bit difficult but by doing this it will open.

3.Cut the wire which is broken after open and paste it again with iron soldering and close its case cover.

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Headphone device, whether it is Bluetooth or wireless, everyone starts having problems over time, it is an electrical technology product, so it is possible to get a problem inside it like technology is being upgraded and the earlier product has some problem and any issues with it. Does not get the reservation point because when you use the product user and when there is any problem, then a new product market is coming up, according to us, we guarantee the device only when sowing or contact a technician if the device does not work.