How to Get Rid of Headphone Hairs (Fast Solution)

Using headphones is the best way to do productive work in noisy environments. But what about the headphone hairs which spoil your appearance? How to Get Rid of Headphone Hairs.

It is confirmed that if you use headphones on daily basis, they will flatten your hair and damage them by putting pressure. This is frustrating and could be exhausting as well sometimes like before an important meeting when you want to be in your best appearance.

But worry no further about how to get rid of headphone hairs as you got access to this article. Here I have talked about some useful tips which can help you to prevent it from occurring, so continue reading!

What is Headphone Hair? How to Get Rid of Headphone Hairs

Wearing a headphone for a long period leads to dents across hairs. As it originates at the place where headphone was positioned, it is known as headphone hair.

Headphones are connected with a headband and two ear pads. These continue to exert pressure over the scalp and hair, which ultimately leads to the flattened hair where these were placed. Other than that, it depends upon the level of tightness of your headphone.

If your headphones will be extremely tight, then they will continue to put pressure on your cuticles and cause damage to them. Also, when you move around a tight-fit headphone, It results in the loosening of the hair shaft.

Because of all of these factors, consecutive use of headphones damages them and results in excessive hair fall.The thing to note is that all this can happen only when you use your headphones very often during the day or continuously throughout the week.

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How to quickly fix headphone hair That Don’t Mess Up Hair

Not to mention that headphone hair are annoying and sometimes feels like nothing can fix them and best gaming headset that don’t mess up your hair. But it’s not like that are some easy-to-use ways for fixing how to get rid of headphone hairs fast them which are given below:

  1. Water Spray

This is a reliable and budget-friendly tool for water lift flattened hair. When you wet your hair with water and then let them dry, it helps in adding the extra volume while making the headphone hair less prominent.

You just have to take a water spray bottle and restyle your hair by using it. To make it more effective, you can brush or comb your hair along with spraying water. There are two methods for doing so:

  • Spray your hairs directly with water and then style them with the help of the brush.
  • Spray water on the brush and then use this brush for styling instead of directly applying it on hairs. Hairstylists recommend the second method, it gives you more control over the dampening and styling of your hair.
  1. Change your Hairstyle

If you don’t have a comb and water spray bottle at the moment, then you can change your hairstyle by using your fingers. Although it is not an effective way of dealing with it, it’s still better than doing nothing.

In some offices, high-pressure hand dries are available, and you can also use them like a hairdryer to set your hairs.

  1. Hair Products

The most useful option is to utilize hair products that are not only good for styling but also help in getting rid of headphone hairs. The first option in this regard is to use styling gels, which give quick and better results.

These have the capacity of holding your hairs in place, which means that they are a reliable option for unflattering your hair.

  1. Straightening Iron

This is an option in which the straightener is used for the hair, which is an ideal move if you do not have access to any hairstyling product. Also, you can shape and style your hair with the help of straightening iron.

How to Avoid Headphone Hairs? 

To make a quick improvement, how to avoid headphone hair

it can work only for a short time, it will not work for long. Therefore, we need to look at some other options which can help to prevent this issue. You can consider the following options:

  • Choose the Right Headphones

Headphones are available in different types, styles, and varieties, so make sure to choose a comfortable one. To add more perspective to it, headphones with adjustable bands and high-quality padding are worth considering.

Headphones with good padding distribute the weight equally and help in decreasing the pressure over your hairs.

  • Use Earbuds

You can also switch towards earbuds instead of using headphones and these are more portable. Also, they are less bulky, so you can conveniently wear them and these make you worry-free regarding headphone hairs.

Can Headphone Hair Cause Hair Loss? How to stop headphone hair

Wearing headphones can weaken your cuticle and affect your hair. But we cannot say that rarely it can be the cause of hair loss, How to wear headphones with long hair, but it can give rise to a disease called traction alopecia.

Traction Alopecia 

The gradual loss of hairs or baldness which results from the continuous pulling or traction of hairs is called traction alopecia. It makes hair fall off more easily, as it makes the hair shaft lose from the follicle.

How to stop headphone hair are also a prominent reason for this condition, as tight headphones consecutively put pressure on your hairs. While you move the tight headphones around, it pulls your hairs and makes them loose. All of these factors ultimately lead to traction alopecia in the long run.

How to prevent this condition? How to Get Rid of Headphone Hairs

You can prevent this by using the following prevention measures:

  • Do not use very tight headphones
  • Change the position of your headphones very often
  • Avoid using headphones for long hours
  • Wear a headphone band behind your head or on your neck as it will help you to avoid the tugging of your hairs


With that being said, now it’s the time to give final remarks about how to get rid of headphone hairs? You read this article carefully and to solve the problem that arises, many ways of tips and some options have been given.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article and please me know what do you think is the best way how to prevent headphone hair?

Thank you!