How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Switches (Full Guide Step-By-Step)

Whether you’re a teacher, columnist, or any other professional, chances are you’ve spent most of your time using the keyboard. If any switch does not work on the keyboard, then for this you can do this, how to remove mechanical keyboard switches.

To tell the truth, we all use the keyboard on a daily basis for various tasks in this modern area of information technology.

Oftentimes, we touch switches with oily or dirty hands, which make them unclean. The ideal way of cleaning your keyboard is the removal of Switches, which will expose its area for efficient cleaning.

It is a highly easy process, and I have provided detailed information on How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Switches. Which did not happen, next and let’s see how the whole process happens, how to remove Switches!

Why Remove Your Switches? How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Before moving into further details, let’s be clear about it first that why do you need to remove your mechanical keyboard keys? There are various purposes of doing this like you can do any of the following things after removing your Switches:

  • Keyboard Cleaning

As time passed by, a lot of junk and dust is accumulate around the keys which affect their work.  After removing the keys of your keyboard, you can clean it deeply, which is mandatory to maintain its optimal performance.

  • Fixing of Switches

Sometimes switches become sticky, either because of heavy usage or improper cleaning. After taking off the Switches, you can replace your switches or clean them thoroughly without any hindrance.

  • Replacement of Switches

If your Switches are not working properly then might be it’s the time to replace them. Taking the old keys off provides you with an opportunity of inserting new keys which will boost up the performance of your keyboard.

  • Improving your Keyboard

There are multiple ways to mod your keyboard, and most of them are incomplete without removing your Switches.

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How To Remove Keys Off A Mechanical Keyboard?

For removing your Switches, you have to use a Switch puller. In that regard, you have the following options:

  • Wire Switch Puller
  • DIY Switch Puller
  • Plastic Switch Puller

In case you don’t have access to any of these tools, then you can also use your fingers. There are the following steps which you have to perform for taking off the mechanical keyboard keys:

Step 1: Getting a Switch Puller

If you want to remove your Switches efficiently and without any difficulty, then you need to have a Switch puller. Using fingers is a very slow process and chances are you can hurt your fingers, so avoid using them.

Among the above-mentioned Switch pullers, I recommend a wire Switch puller. Because using any other Switch puller (for example plastic Switch puller) can scratch the sides of Switches. On the flip side, using a wire Switch puller will keep those safe from scratches.

If you don’t have a wire Switch puller, then you can also make a DIY style. Keep on reading this write-up as I also have discussed the method of making a DIY Switch puller!

Step 2: Insertion of Switch Puller

In the second step, you have to insert the Switch puller onto Switches. The method of joining depends on how and if any kind of puller is being used to remove the keys.

  1. Metal Switch Puller: Pulling off the Switches with a wire Switch puller is comparatively easy. Just slide the metal wire on the lower side of your Switches and then gently pull off them.

You just have to get enough leverage that you can overcome the friction between the underneath stem of the switch and switches.

  1. Plastic Switch Puller: If you are using a plastic Switch puller, then keep on sliding them below Switches. Once the plastic of the machine is under the Switches and after that, you can remove them without any problem.
  2. If You are Using Fingers: It might take some time and the hardest part will be the removal of the first Switch. You might have to use your fingernails for this task, but after removing the first key, the remaining process will be easy.

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Step 3: Removal of Switch How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Switches

This is the final step, in which you have to wiggle the Switch puller with some force. Keep on doing so until the Switch is remove, but make sure not to damage them by applying extra pressure.

You have to be careful while doing all these things and any kind of carelessness can damage your keys. Not to mention that it will be more difficult to remove extra-large keys, for instance, the shift key and space bar. To make their removal easy, it’s recommend to remove one side first and then move towards the other side.

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How to make a DIY Switch Puller? How to take keys off the mechanical keyboard

You can also make a DIY Switch puller merely by using a paper clip. Note that, it is not a perfect alternative, but it will do the job without hurting your fingers.

The process of making it is pretty simple, just unfold the paper clip in a straight line and turn it into an L shape. For taking off the keys, you have to insert them under the Switches and then lift them until the keys come out.


This article is all about a step-by-step guide on How To Remove Mechanical Keyboard Switches. If you follow these steps completely, then you can remove Switches in no time.

The best way is to use a wire Switch puller, as it keeps your fingers safe from any injury. Also, it is super easy to use and doesn’t damage the keys of your mechanical keyboard like a plastic Switch puller.

Happy Typing!