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The Best Tips For How To Use Ember Travel Mug

The Ember Travel Mug is a new type of travel mug that can keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours, For how to use ember travel mug.

It uses a patented technology called Ember Temperature Control, which starts by heating at a low temperature and then ramps up as you drink.

If you’re looking for how to use ember travel mug or pair it with other products, read this blog post!

Best tips for how to use ember travel mug

Standard benefits:

  • Keep your drink hot for hours.
  • Save money by not wasting electricity.

Emotional benefits:

  • Stay warm on cold days.
  • Sip a piping hot beverage at the perfect temperature all day long.


Charge Your Travel Mug

The Ember Travel Mug is the perfect way to take your coffee on the go! 

This mug charges quickly with two lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 3 hours of drinking time and keep it at just the right temperature for you. 

Charge by plugging in its coaster – place any position as long as they’re parallel (or not too steep), so gold prongs can touch golden rings when pairing them together, OR use an outlet nearby if available-

It will charge much faster this way than trying to find one close enough while traveling through airports or other busy areas where outlets might be scarce.

How to use ember travel mug

Did you know there are many ways to use an Ember Travel Mug? 

-To fill up your cup with cold water from the tap, put in some ice cubes and add the desired amount for drinks. 

Put on top of hot beverage before drinking, so it’s room temperature when done brewing! 

You can also warm leftover coffee or tea by putting leftovers into a mug while heating at a medium heat setting, then removing once heated through (about 5 minutes). 

Just remember not to leave any food product sitting inside as they may spoil faster due to extreme chemical reactions between acids found within certain items like citrus fruit juice boxes 

which contain citric acid naturally occurring as a preservative.

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How to turn on an ember travel mug 

Now that we’ve thoroughly covered how to use an Ember Travel Mug and pair them together, let’s go over how to turn them on! 

For this step, make sure you have already paired your mugs together and hear a beep when setting the top face onto the base. 

To power on to turn on, hold and press”power” then hold the “power” button for a few seconds until the light turns solid (about three seconds), then release it once done to start heating. 

You’ll know if it’s on when you see the blue glow coming from the cup. 

You will want to turn it off before moving on to the next drink by pressing The “power” click until it is solid, then repeat how to use the process in steps one or two above to pair mugs if you’re not doing that again.

Did I miss anything? Let me know how to use Ember Travel Mug in the comments below!

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How to pair ember travel mug 

Setting up an Ember Travel Mug is relatively easy and can be done in just three simple steps: 

First, plug the base into the wall using a USB cord that comes with it or any other power source you prefer (like your laptop/computer), and let it charge for at least two hours before first use. 

It is the next thing to do: be sure that both mugs are completely dry before pairing them together, as this will ensure they create enough of a connection due to moisture interfering with sending signals between each other. 

You’ll know if there’s no water on cups once steam from hot beverages disappears within 30 seconds or so. 

Finally, open the top of the lid by rotating clockwise until fully open and set on base to connect. 

If you’re experiencing issues with how to pair your mugs, check out how it’s done in this video! 

Pair with Other Products

The Ember Travel Mug can pair up with other products for a seamless experience. Pair it with the phone app, and you can control how much heat is inside the mug, how long it should stay hot, and other fun features.

The self-heating feature makes sure nothing spills inside during transit, but many safety features are built into the mug! 

The exterior of the travel mug is double-walled stainless steel that insulates your drink. 

There’s also a shatter-resistant lid with a silicone seal that sits slightly to the side of your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about spilling it.


Whether you’re an Ember user or not, it’s always interesting to learn about new products and the technology behind them! 

If you want more information on how this travel mug works so that you can make a purchase decision for yourself, be sure to read our blog post. 

We hope this has helped clear up any questions you may have had about the functionality of the how to use ember travel mug. What are your thoughts? 

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