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How To Install Car Led Strip Lights Interior And Exterior

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Are you looking for something for your car that gives a good look to the car, looks good in daylight, looks good in the dark of night,

That is why we are looking for such LED strip lights so that your car has a better look and lead strip light which changes the look of the car by putting the car inside the car.

These LED strip lights are installed inside the car as well as outside the car. It also comes with ‘one color’ and also comes with all color mixers.

Consumption works by this electric power and the space to install it is also very less, the process of installing it is very simple. How To Install Car LED Strip Lights.

How To Install Car LED Strip Lights Interior

  1. It can be installed with the car and can be used in the lower space of the house and in the kitchen drawer.

They will also tell you how to install LED strip lights inside the car

Before installing the LED light, check whether the car has a cigarette plug or not. If the cigarette is not plugged, then you have to connect the USB-powered LED light to the car charger.

There is a cigarette lighter in the car. Put the plug of the LED light in the cigarette lighter so that the strip light turns on, and it gets a 12v supply to the LED light.

  1. Check the place where the light has to be installed, there is no messy, it can be cleaned with water to clean the place, but the light should stick well in its place for it to be cleaned with a good cleaner. Have to be cleaned

A lot of cleaners are available in the market, you can use them, or you can also use home cleaners. To make a cleaner in the house, you can mix a little hot water, a little vinegar and use it by filling it in a cup of water.

Note: Do not spray too much, it becomes difficult to stick the light when the place is wet, after spraying, clean it with a clean cloth and wait for the place to dry.

  1. Now the LED light is ready to be applied, remove the paper that is in the back part of the lead and slowly press it and press it and hold the strip for a few seconds so that it sticks well.

Note: If the strip did not stick, you can use instant glue, where the strip is not sticking, give it a drop, and press it.

  1. After installing your car’s LED light, do a good lining of the light wire that the wire of the light does not hang in. Raise the cloth slowly and give as much wire inside it and plug the strip light into the cigarette lighter. Take it to plug it so that the light turns on

Note: If the wire appears like this, it can be used for this, you can use PVC black tape, or you can use a black PVC black tie, it is very strong.


How To Install Car LED Strip Lights Exterior

To connect the strip light to the outside, it has to be connected to a 12v battery. To connect it, cut the plug of the strip and connect it to the positive (+) and native (-) to connect u type thimble. In which the wire can be punched and then connected to the positive and negative of the battery.