Best Way How To Keep My Laptop Cool While Gaming With Tips

Whether you are a die-hard gamer or fond of watching live streams on your laptop for long hours, you will face the issue of increased laptop temperature. It declines the performance of a laptop and makes it slow, which could be frustrating for you.

Other than that, it decreases the lifespan of your laptop; therefore, you need to pay attention to keep your device in the best condition. Luckily, there are some ways which can help you in this regard.

In this write-up, you will find a complete guideline on How To Keep My Laptop Cool While Gaming so, continues reading!

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Signs of Overheated Laptop  –  How To Keep My Laptop Cool While Gaming

Your laptop might become hot when you use it for long hours without taking breaks or operate any heavy software on it. There are the following signs which reveal that your laptop’s temperature is higher than average:

  1. During overheating, the laptop’s fans start to spin faster, and it will become warm even when you are simply browsing the web.
  2. There will be a loss in the laptop’s performance, and it will take more time to perform various functions. Like, it may hang during multiple tasks, which is a bad sign and shows that the laptop’s temperature is high.
  3. The laptop’s hardware components run hot and consume more power when its temperature is excessively high.

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How To Keep My Laptop Cool While Gaming?

Best Way To Cool Laptop While Gaming

There are some tips and tricks which you can utilize to keep your laptop cool during gaming. I have unveiled some specific recommendations which are greatly useful to prevent the overheating issue of laptops. So, please continue reading to know better about it!

Right Placement

When you place your laptop on bad surfaces, it leads to the overheating of the laptop. These surfaces include your legs, pillow, and blankets as they block out the proper airflow hence, leads to cooling issues.

On the other hand, if you place your laptop on a hard surface, it helps the fan work efficiently. The proper functioning of fans will ultimately decrease the temperature of the laptop by supporting ventilation.

If you don’t have any solid place, then you can use any of the following tips:

  • Use a box, book, or any other similar material to elevate your laptop.
  • Check the laptop while checking in your lap, do not stop the airflow.


The continuous flow of air also leads to the accumulation of dust in laptop parts. If you don’t clean this dust on a regular basis, then it creates a hindrance in ventilation by blocking the way of air. Unfortunately, there is not any specific way to prevent it, but you can minimize its drawbacks by taking care of the laptop’s cleaning.

You have given some given steps below, with which help can clear any trouble laptop:

  • The only tool which you need for cleaning is the can of compressed air, so buy it first. This is a tool that can help you clean your laptop and clear any trouble.
  • The second step is to make sure that your laptop is relaxed and not connected with the power.
  • Now hold the laptop in such a way that its fan grilles (which are on the bottom side) become visible.
  • After that, bring the compressed air can closer to the grille of the laptop. Here you need to be careful as if the can will be in an upright position, it will damage the hardware.
  • For best results, thoroughly clean every angle of the laptop. Repeat this process until your laptop is dust-free, and you notice no visible contaminants.

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Additional Cooling – Best Way To Cool Laptop While Gaming

Other than the above mention points, you can also purchase some accessories which proved to be useful for laptop cooling. For instance, the cooling pad is considered the best cooling material, especially for gaming laptops.

The use of a cooling pad is pretty simple, as you just have to place them on a surface below your laptop. Then the rest will be handled by these cooling pads, and they will significantly decrease your laptop temperature by increasing airflow.

Additional Measures

If you have used all the above-mentioned safety measures and still your laptop’s temperature is high, then there could be any other internal issue. It might be you are using insufficient hardware or faulty fans, which is declining your laptop’s performance.

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The prominent reason for improper laptop cooling is the faulty functioning of fans. The laptops which are made for gaming are made by using a large number of internal fans for keeping them cool during heavy games.

But if you are using any low-quality laptop, then chances are its fan will not be functioning correctly. You can check for this issue measurably by accessing the noise level of your laptop’s fans.

If the fan of your laptop is spinning at high speed, then they are under excessive lead, which is declining their cooling ability. Following two ways could be helpful to check out the quality of your laptop fan:

  1. Faulty fans produce heavy noise similar to grinding noise, which is an indication that they are not operating with optimal capacity.
  2. Sometimes it happens when the laptop is loaded heavy; it becomes silent. This reveals that any of your laptop’s fan is broken and need to be replaced.

Upgrade Hardware – How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

If your laptop remains busy most of the time, then it can increase the risk of overheating. A good measure to deal with this issue is to upgrade your laptop’s hardware using an SSD card.


For optimal performance of the laptop, you need to know How To Keep My Laptop Cool While Gaming. In that regard, this article will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to deal with this issue.

As prevention is better than cure, so avoid using your laptop for long hours since it is helpful to maintain the temperature of the laptop.

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