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How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink (Complete Guide)

Printers are an inevitable part of every office as well as home, and their importance is undeniable. No matter what your profession is, you need a technologically advanced and chick printer to print out your essential documents.

In that regard, Epson has introduced well-designed and smart printers in various categories including Laser Jet, ink jet, etc. Being a regular printer user, sometimes you have to face this situation that your black ink cartilage needs to be refilled while you are in the middle of printing.

To help you in this situation, I have provided a step-by-step guide on How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink. Scroll down for getting the complete information!

What is Epson? How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink

Epson is a Japanese electronics company, and it is the world’s biggest manufacturer of information imaging equipment and computer printers. The Seiko Epson cooperation was found in 1942 and its headquarter is located in Suwa, Nango, Japan.

The major electronic components which are produced by this company are given below:

  • Dot Matrix, ink jet & laser printers
  • Large home theater televisions
  • Point of sale docket printers
  • Multimedia & home theater projectors
  • Laptop, LCD components & integrated circuits

It belongs to the Seiko group and is considered as one of the three famous companies of this group.

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How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink

Epson provides budget-friendly toner cartridges & ink to take care of your various printing requirements. That’s why it is still popular throughout the globe and greatly liked by the customers. Even if you run out of black ink, it still has options to continue your workflow without any difficulty.

You have to change with little effort settings, and it will utilize the combination of other inks for replacing the black. So, if your computer shows the notification that your printer doesn’t have black ink, then you can implement the following solutions.

How to Make Epson Print without Black Ink?

This feeling and tension become a lot when someone is finishing a lot of important and after that start the printer for print, and it comes to the printer that the ink is exhausted. It happens very often that you need your printer on an urgent basis and realize that your Epson printer has no ink.

But worry no further as, like all the other problems, this one can be sorted out as well. No matter whether your Epson has ink or not, you can still print your urgent documents. Want to know the trick of doing so? Then continue reading!

Note that there is a slight difference in the process of printing in Epson without black ink in Mac and windows. The major steps are almost similar, but there will be a distinction between the other steps.

Here I have stated all the steps of printing without Epson ink on both operating systems!

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How to Make Epson Print without Black Ink in Windows

For printing without black ink in windows, follow the following procedure:

  1. First of all, you have to stop the printing queue before initiating this process.
  2. Then move to the control panel and press the option of “Printers & Devices”.
  3. Now you have to select the printer brand which you are using.
  4. Then open the drop-down menu by clicking on it and click on the properties.
  5. Afterward, move to the ink set and select any other color.
  6. Then apply it by clicking on the color setting option.

After this setting, the cartridges of various colors will be combined to make the black color. It is a very easy way of replacing the black ink, and you can use it whenever your printer runs out of black ink.

As soon as that document will come out of the printer, check its color. If you don’t like the newly made black color then you can mix up various color ink cartridges to make the unique shade of black as per your requirements.

This straightforward solution will assist you to print your urgent documents without black ink so what else you could ask?

How to Make Epson Print without Black Ink in Mac

While you are printing in mac then the procedure of printing will be different which is given below:

  1. Same as the previous process, first of all, cancel the printing process.
  2. Then move towards the Epson printer utility and click on the dialog box for opening it.
  3. In driver settings, there will be an option of “Permit temporary black printing”, check out that.
  4. After that, just click on the grayscale and click on OK.
  5. This was the whole procedure, and now you can start printing again without any hindrance.

However, it is better to refill your ink cartridge as soon as you realize that any of those is about to finish. It is mandatory not to use locally made inks for refilling your printers as it can greatly impact the performance of your sophisticated printer.

To run it smoothly and for preventing any major issue, always prefer using original cartridges.


While you are using Epson printers, you need to know How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink to deal with the emergency during printing. I have shared the complete techniques in this write-up, which can help you in short term.

However, it is always wise to stay on the safe side and replace your printer cartridges as soon as they are about to finish.

Move forward, complete your printing, and thanks me later!

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