How To Record On Audacity With Beat (Easy Ways)

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Do you have to face some problems while singing because putting the song correctly and on the right track and getting the right beat is a very important part and not easy, so how to record on audacity with beat?

The different parts of a music song are difficult to mix, the different beat tones and soundtracks are also added inside it.

It costs a lot of budget to do all this like you charge a lot to the sound guru. You are new, and you have just stepped in, you do not have a big budget. You are looking for a way that singers are free or within your budget. And which would make the work easier and easier to understand

We have designed something similar for you that is free and still not so premium if it can come in the coming time, it is easy to use and easy to understand, this software is named Audacity software, this software is very good for recording. And it is also available in a lot of operating computers such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. It can work on all these operating seats, and you cannot say how to record on audacity with beat.

It is the best and better and affordable for you to start when it is very hard to use and to master it and your budget too, you can move towards premium. If you are a beginner then use it and download it first, you will be given a link to download. If you face any problem, you can download its official site and install it.

How To Record On Audacity With Beat

To record audio with the beat in Audacity software, first open Audacity and after that load the music audio file that you want to mix, click on the File option in the top left side and select Open track file in the browser. In it a pop sub will open, double click it and after that, you can load the Audacity track file, open the file menu, select the audio option in the Submenu inside it and load the drum track audio file when the browser opens the file. Check it, double click it and load the drum audio system file into another track in Audacity.

To add a new track, import the second copy of the vocal and after that, there will be an option in the top header, click on it

Play and select the unmixed track without touching any option, this will tell you what to do to stop the beat and vocal together.

While listening to the volume of both tracks, do both in one level from the second time and if the volume of the drum is high, make it work, make it equal to the vocal and both the song drum and the vocal can be hearing in the work or more.

See about the second vocal truck mute the second vocal truck and take the volume of the first vocal track to the level of the second track

The left-right of both the vocals in the pan, the first vocal is left to whom and the second vocal is right, this will give the area of ​​the vocal, and the left-right both will increase the effect until you get a right point until you get the right point. Panning is to keep changing positively and along with that, you can listen to the track.

Click the top header of the drum track to draw attention to the Audacity software

Open the option in the name of an effect, select the Auto Duck key inside it, this option works to work the track volume of the plugin when another track is name as the control track and touches the volume level. When this plug-in option makes the vocal track easier to listen to and the second track is the volume level of the drum track that works on its own, so it is called work docking which big and good professionals would use. To make the mix of the vocal

Enter a value of -4 inside the interface of the Auto Duck option, and it defaults to -12 and is the setting vocal singer for a fairly well-produced product for a radio company or podcast company.

Now you have to do the Auto Duck on the interface after that, after that the audacity will start to process, and keep in mind one thing that in return, open the Edit menu and select Undo.

After you have applied your duck option, you can listen to it all at once, when the vocal tracks sound the same, then the drum volume of the drum is reduced if you feel that the effect of auto docking is good. Repeat steps 6 and 4 again and apply the parameter of (-2) with it, followed by using the cooking option one more time which will increase the cooking effect and like -6 which bad values. Will reduce. Enter and with this, the beat and the vocal will be together

How To Do Multi-Track Recording With Audacity

How To Record On Audacity With Beat and multi-track recording

What to do for recording a discharge track in Audacity. If you have a lot of inputs for the Audacity interface, with the help of these many inputs you can record multiple tracks simultaneously in Audacity, for those who are new to this line. This can be a bit difficult, but with the help of Audacity, you can make one song by recording one track and then putting the whole track together.

If you are thinking of recording a band, or you want to record it, then you have to create a scratch track. To make it, you have to think of recording altogether and use or use every single musician scratch track Can work when they can record it on their own, check it by the person using the headphone and this scratch track can be heard without a microphone.

In the moon to create another novel track, there will be a track option in the top which has the option of Add new, click on it and then select it using the Select button and check that you want to start recording, after that you start recording. While doing this, it has to be checked that the scratch track which is working in the background, to do all this, one must straighten the option of overdraft within the option of transport option within the option of transport.

If the recording is happening, and it is not getting any right, then you can select it and click it down and move it and there is an option to edit that part to remove it’s special and split delete in it. Go and when it’s deleted, then make a novel track again to make a new recording.

How To Make Music Inside Audacity Without Music Recording

 If you are using Audacity for recording, have you created music from Audacity without recording, it is not a big trick or something that nobody knows about people doing music. Without recording, you are going to create from Audacity and by importing any recording or importing a track of music, after mixing a little mixing and editing will create your own music and do all this The first thing you need to do is to go inside the audacity and import the audio file and drop and drop some files.

If you do not import, you can also do this by creating novel music, you can digitize your music using a virtual instrument and these are all built into the virtual instrument audacity software, all these instruments can be used directly by you. In making, you will first go to the menu bar and select the option of a generator and inside it, select the option of plug or generator and its reset drum, and you will start working.